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Lois Duffin Orchids is a large commercial grower of orchids in the Philadelphia, PA area, with over 30 years of experience raising and caring for orchids. Enjoy the beauty of over 500 types of orchids in our 9,000 sq. ft. nursery. With thousands of orchids in our greenhouses we always have something in bloom. Come visit us at our greenhouse! To schedule an appointment please Contact Us.

We offer a large selection of orchids for sale, including many genera, species, and hybrids. View our Sales List.

We offer expert orchid boarding services for individuals and businesses who appreciate the beauty of orchids but perhaps don't have the time or experience to provide the best growing environment.

Large and mature blooming plants are available for sale or rental.
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Large and mature blooming plants are available for sale or rental

Den. unicum
Den. unicum 'Mt. Airy' AM/AOS, a recent award winner (photo by Maurice Marietti)

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Lois Duffin is the winner of the PHS Orchid Award
at the 2014 Philadelphia Flower Show
"Outstanding blue-ribbon winner"
for her Dendrobium delicatum 'Mt. Airy' CCE.
This orchid was also awarded a Certificate of Cultural Excellence
by the American Orchid Society.

PHS Orchid Award - Outstanding blue-ribbon winner - Dendrobium speciosum

Photograph by Maurice Marietti

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